INDOPEN  is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of paper tube, paper cones, and paper based container from Indonesia.  It manufactures different types of printed and plain paper tubes and cones depending upon customer specific requirement.  Since the beginning, the company has taken giant steps towards success and has become one of most prominent supplier & manufacturer in its area.

Originally INDOPEN is the producer of high-quality tubes and cones for the textile industry.  Our commitment to process and product improvement allow us to provide textile fabric and yarn producers with unparalleled added value.  Our commitment to new products and process innovations lead us to high-value packaging and services provider to the textile and many other industries.  We develop our core capability into a paper based container and packaging supplier.

Using INDOPEN paper based products there are many benefits, as opposed to other types of materials.  Paper does not promote condensation on parts.  It’s tough, yet flexible.  Our products are made from a renewable, recyclable paper and, therefore, is environmentally friendly.  It offers great mechanical protection. Most importantly, paper is inexpensive.

INDOPEN’s sensitivity to the environment insures that we will continue to provide a fully recyclable product from previously recycled materials.